• To educate the people in rural and urban areas with regard to various financial products and services available from the formal financial sector.
  • To make the people aware of the advantages of being connected with the formal financial sector.
  • To provide financial counselling services through face to face interaction as well as through other available media like e-mail, mobile etc. as per convenience of the interested persons, including education on responsible borrowing, proactive and early savings, and offering debt counselling to individuals who are indebted to formal and/or informal financial sectors.
  • To formulate debt restructuring plans for borrowers in distress and recommend the same to formal financial institutions, including cooperatives, for consideration.
  • To take up any such activity that promotes financial literacy, awareness of the banking services, financial planning and amelioration of debt- related distress of an individual.
  • The Trust is a Non-profit making entity.
   Free Services rendered by the Trust to customers of all the banks

  1. Disseminating information on Financial Services and General Banking.
  2. Extending Financial Education:I) Need for savings, advantage of having Bank Accounts.II) Deposits and Advances Schemes.III) Banking services through Electronic mode i.e., ATMs, Smart Cards, Mobile Banking.IV) Remittance, Money transfer and insurance.
  3. Preventive Credit Counselling: Bringing awareness of credit facilities available from Banks, need for availing credit on the basis of repaying capacity.
  4. Curative Credit Counselling: Working out individual debt management plans for resolving unmanageable debt portfolio in consultation with Bank taking into account income level and size of the loan etc.